Complete Defence™

Complete Defence™ is complete confidence in knowing that you have hired the right firm for your needs. It is knowing that you have engaged a group of lawyers who are passionate and committed to you and the practice of law.  It is a philosophy of practice that ensures that every avenue of preparation and investigation is undertaken to protect and enforce your rights when you are in conflict.  Complete Defence is innovative thinking.  It is a firm that creates rather than just relies on legal precedents. It is engaging a team of lawyers with different strengths and backgrounds who work for you and with you to obtain the best possible result no matter how difficult the situation you face.

Greenspan Partners LLP is your Complete Defence™.

Our Practice

Greenspan Partners LLP is a Toronto law firm practicing primarily in the area of criminal and regulatory defence. Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C, the senior and founding partner of the firm, was widely recognized as one of the top criminal defence lawyers in North America who was often involved in high profile and highly publicized cases. Tragically, he passed away on December 24, 2014. However, his legacy and his commitment and passion for the practice of law lives on in the firm he created.

The firm represents people charged with criminal offences, in connection with Securities Act investigations and prosecutions; income tax investigations and prosecutions; Extradition Act matters; coroner’s inquests; Occupational Health and Safety Act matters; Environmental Protection Act prosecutions; and professional discipline complaints proceedings before various administrative tribunals.

The firm's approach includes using state of the art technology when representing clients and meeting their needs.

Greenspan Partners LLP conducts trials and appeals at all levels of Court across Canada, including appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada and every Court of Appeal in Canada.

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