January 01, 2019
Brad Greenshields joins as a partner in the firm

Greenspan Partners LLP is pleased to announce that Brad Greenshields has joined the partnership where he will continue practicing the full spectrum of criminal litigation at all levels of court in Ontario, including before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

May 31, 2018
Greenspan Partners LLP is honoured to be on Canadian Lawyer's list of the Top 10 Criminal Law Boutiques.

Canadian Lawyer asked its readers to rank firms whose primary focus is criminal law. The top vote-getting firms shared a culture where the younger associates are expected not to stand aside until they learn from their seniors but hit the courtroom and take on files independently right out of the gate.

July 11, 2014
Greenspan in 1981 lecture series for Law Society of Upper Canada

June 28, 2014
Stephen Harper's incoherent approach to crime

Stephen Harper’s high-handed personal attack on the chief justice of Canada is part of a pattern of contempt for legal institutions and the law itself.

Why I Went to Law School, Ontario Bar Association, Vanessa Christie

“I knew that it would bring me closer to what I really wanted”

February 14, 2012
McMurtry, Greenspan & Doob: Harper’s incoherent crime policy

With all the talk about the Harper government’s omnibus crime bill, it would be easy to miss the real significance of the Prime Minister’s crime policy.

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