Student Program

Articling Student Program

Greenspan Partners LLP hires articling students every year. Our Articling Student Education Plan is attached below.

Students at the firm work with the partners and other lawyers in the firm. Students will be directly involved in preparing trials, preliminary hearings and appeals, primarily in the areas criminal and administrative law. They will become intensely involved in all aspects of the cases to which they are assigned and will attend Court with counsel on all cases in which they are involved. Students will attend on adjournments and Trial Set Dates in assignment courts in the Ontario Court of Justice across southern Ontario.

Students will do legal research, conduct client and witness interviews and prepare trials and cross examinations on a regular basis. Each student will be provided with his or her own computer and phone system and will be able to utilize secretarial support staff. Students will be provided with a parking spot and reimbursed for all travel expenses.

Students interested in an articling position at Greenspan Partners LLP should send an application, including a CV and university transcripts, to the attention of Julianna Greenspan, Greenspan Partners LLP, 144 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1G8 or email to

Our Articling Student Education Plan

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